Signs and Symptoms of Lung Cancer in Men – What You Should Know

Signs and Symptoms of Lung Cancer in Men – What You Should Know

Most of us have experienced the common symptoms of lung cancer at some point in our lives, but lung cancer symptoms in men are also as common as those in women. The symptoms of lung cancer in men are more difficult to diagnose, as they are less easily detectable than lung cancer symptoms in women.


In the early stages of the disease, there will be no symptoms at all.

The first symptoms to occur will be chest discomfort or pain that can be felt in the chest area. However, once the symptoms become more persistent and severe, you may start to notice that cough comes with it. In some cases, a coughing up of blood or yellow-rust-colored phlegm (spit or mucus) will occur along with the coughing. This disease symptom is usually the last one to show on the initial visit to your doctor.

Chest pain and pressure in the chest area may also come along with coughing or lung congestion. These two symptoms of lung cancer in men are generally not related to each other, but you should talk to your doctor for more information if you have both.

If you do find a strong enough sign of the disease, such as having chest pain and pressure that only go away when you get up to cough up more air or when you laugh, you should immediately go to the nearest hospital emergency room. You may have some lung tumor or cyst that needs to be removed surgically.

Other signs and symptoms of lung cancer in men that may occur include:


However, if these symptoms do not happen right away, you may not actually have the disease, and this should be looked at by a medical professional for you. If you have any of the symptoms above and are not sure if you have lung cancer, you should contact your doctor.

When it comes to the treatment of cancer in men, there are many ways that doctors treat it, depending on what type you have. However, there are several treatment options for treating lung cancer in men that you can consider. The best type of treatment will depend on what stage the cancer is in and the person’s age. One of the major choices doctors will be surgery or radiation therapy to remove any present tumors.


There are also a few options that your doctor may make available to help you deal with these symptoms. One such option is:

Surgery may be the only option for you. It will be one of the most expensive treatments that can be done; however, it will cure you completely and save your life. Some other options that may be used include chemotherapy and radiation.

Chemotherapy is a medication that helps you fight cancer by killing the cancer cells, which then cannot grow and spread. Chemotherapy uses medicines and drugs to help with the way your body reacts to cancer.

Radiation therapy is used when the doctor thinks surgery may not be effective for treating your symptoms. It kills the cancer cells through the use of very high-energy rays that kill them.

These rays are generally powerful and are very safe for you.

In radiation therapy, you may need to take different medicine or drugs to keep cancer from spreading. This medication is powerful and will be quite toxic in large doses.

This treatment option will vary depending on how severe your symptoms are and how badly cancer has spread. Surgery, though a good option, is a big risk for you. It may not be an option for you.

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